Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Eight kinds of foods that should never be heated again in a microwave oven

Eight kinds of foods that should never be heated again in a microwave oven

Even if fresh and cooked food is delicious and healthy, heating it again in the microwave oven over time can cause food poisoning. In other words, there is food that is poison rather than using microwave. It is better to use the microwave oven which is essential for the benefit of our life. Today's posting theme is "Eight kinds of foods that should never be heated again in microwave oven".

01. Celery

Celery is an excellent ingredient for soup, but when it is placed in a microwave oven and reheating the celery, it contains toxic nitrites and nitrates that turn into carcinogenic nitrosamines. Cook celery cream soup. It is delicious even in cold weather.

02. Eggs

We see you reheat the scrambled egg or omelet, but I want to warn you. When the eggs are reheated, the eggs become toxic. Sandwiches or salads are recommended. Then you do not have to reheat or discard.

03. Spinach

Many people who follow a healthy diet love spinach with lots of vitamins and minerals. But like celery, spinach is filled with nitrates, which become nitrite and nitrosamine after reheating. Add spinach to smoothies, sandwiches or salads and enjoy maximum benefits without harm.

04. Mushroom

Mushrooms are very tricky: Most of the protein, vitamin, and amino acid content are not digested. And reheating the remaining risotto will make the problem worse. The protein composition of the mushroom changes, which causes swollen stomach and stomach. If you do not want to remove the remaining mushroom dishes, put them in the fridge and do not eat if your meal is more than 70 degrees Celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit) the next day after reheating.

05. Potatoes

Potatoes were also blacklisted unexpectedly. Reheated potatoes do not help with taste and health, and storage at foil at room temperature may cause botulism. It is better to eat mashed potatoes and fries immediately. If you leave boiled potatoes, you have to put potatoes in the salad.

06. Chicken

Reheating chicken dishes changes the protein structure and can cause digestion problems. It is therefore advisable to add the remaining chicken to your salad or sandwich.

07. Bit

Modern beets are still good for health even in soup. However, since humus is full of nitrate, reheating is not recommended. Fresh beetroot is the most healthy. You can use it in a smoothie or salad.

08. Rice

Rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, but it contains bacterial spores that survive even after cooking. After rice is prepared, it is allowed to grow at room temperature, causing bacteria to cause food poisoning. Reheating does not solve the problem, so please eat rice immediately or refrigerate within the cooking time and keep until the next day.

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