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10 stress signals the body should not ignore

10 stress signals the body should not ignore

Work, love, money, family, human relations, life is full of anxieties and anxieties. There are a lot of people who have the same worries, and there are many people who seem to be in a situation more difficult than themselves. In such a situation, I do not seem like an anxiety, so I do not care and ignore it? However, if you unconsciously suppress stress, it can be a result of driving yourself up. The international writer "Trisha Miller" says that he should check whether he does not even know his stress. Today's posting theme is "10 kinds of stress signals the body should not ignore."

01. The sleep pattern has changed significantly.

How to express the effect of stress is different for each person. Some people sleep all day and others suffer insomnia. It is recommended that you consult your doctor if the sleep patterns continue to change, as the two patterns continue to conflict with your usual sleep rhythm.

02. My condition is much worse.

The teeth are tight, the jaws are sick and the epidemics are rash, urticaria, anxiety and fear. All of these symptoms are often caused by stress. Even if you go to a hospital, you often do not get better unless you solve the cause of the stress.

03. Headache and stiff shoulders last long

It is not good to work temporarily on prescription, even though it often appears when shoulder stiffness, headache and tiredness. If the symptoms persist, do not neglect the cause and resolve the cause.

04. I'm not interested in what I like

If you do not feel like twinkling before, you should be careful. If this condition worsens, the simple "stress" is already transcendent.

05. I can not care about my body.

Sometimes it is not a sign that you can go out in a relaxed outfit, but it is a dangerous signal if you can not even do the slightest thing you've ever done. Excessive stress makes it difficult to do routines.

06. Anger and sorrow only move my heart

When was the last time you laughed? When did you enjoy talking with someone? If you feel such a stress, it is a good step to deal with the stress quickly.

07. Eating habits changed drastically.

There are many patterns that can cause stress and affect your diet. If you eat a lot more than usual or if you have been greatly reduced, it may be a moment of serious stress. If your diet hurts, your body and mind will not work well. In some cases, you are stuck in a vicious circle with more stress.

08. Always feel lazy

There is a burden on the brain itself which is under excessive stress. It is often the case that the brain feels that it is difficult to deal with a lot of things, and that "I can not finish my work. We need time for fun and peace in busy daily life.

09. Trying to eliminate stress in a way that is unhealthy

Excessive cigarettes, alcohol and bulimia are precautions when trying to use harmful means to relieve stress. Especially if you want to solve the sorry thing at a time, you need professional help.

10. I feel loneliness that has never been seen before.

If you are too stressful, you will not even have the energy to tell your feelings to your family or friends. "I feel lonely but I do not want to go outside." Such a feeling may be an indication of stress. If you exceed the degree of stress, it becomes even harder to take care of yourself. Before you do that, please listen to your heart.

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