Monday, June 3, 2019

11 Signs of Tiredness Than I Thought

11 Signs of Tiredness Than I Thought

Do you recognize yourself that you are "tired"? I do not know what fatigue is. I think it's still okay on my own, but there is a lot of fatigue than expected. In the Thought Catalog, Loren Jarvis Gibson introduced the "How to Identify the Signs of Fatigue" that you can find in your daily life. Today's posting theme is "I'm going to talk about 11 signs of being tired more than I thought."

01. I refuse the invitation I want to go.

I was expecting it, but did not you refuse it because you were not feeling well before the invitation? It is a sign of fatigue that you can not do what you like, what you want to do. First of all, rest properly.

02. I am constantly worrying about the same thing.

'I wish I had told my friend at that time.', 'The boss was looking at me with disappointed eyes today.', 'What did he get angry when he did not reply to the letter?' It is the signal of fatigue that keeps thinking in your head even if it is small. If you are healthy, you will not be negligent.

03. I am tired and wake up early in the morning.

Sleeping time is the time when the brain processes information on that day. If you do not sleep properly, you will not get tired. But the tired you are, you will wake up early in the morning. If you have a lot of worries, your sleep will become shallow. You should be careful to signal that you are asleep and wake up.

04. I always think of the worst case scenario.

'Maybe I am hated by a dull failure,' 'What should I do if my plane falls off during my trip?', 'I feel bad now, is this a serious illness early on?' Recalling the worst of such situations is evidence of tiredness. Indeed, if you are unlikely to imagine or worry, you will get tired.

05. Think again before talking to a friend.

I do not want to make my friends angry or offended, so I think over and over again in a way that would be good for a doctor's presentation. It is not bad to talk about it carefully, but if you can not enjoy conversation with your friends because of this, you are evangelized. Feel free to enjoy the conversation.

06. I worry more when I worry.

'OK?' If you worry, you will usually be comforted, but if you are tired, you will be more worried. 'I'm tired of worrying people,' I think I'm tired. If you have someone to talk to you, be honest and thank you.

07. It is my fault that I have no reply.

I can not reply right from the other side. There is no reply to the mail. When you are healthy, you do not mind, but when you are tired, you feel uncomfortable with these minor things. The other party might have been thinking about something else for a while or did not have time to write mail. "I have all the causes of opponent behavior." It is important not to think.

08. I do not want to think about future work.

It's exciting to talk about the future, but if you're tired, you can not think of anything but the things in front of your eyes.If you feel depressed, it is a signal that you should rest.

09. I will compare with my friends who are not friendly through SNS.

You should be careful if you start to think, "This person, I am married now", "I am happy with my work", "I am home with me. One is to decide for themselves what is happiness and at what speed. You do not have to compare with others.

10. Continue to make mistakes.

In particular, if you make a mistake at work, you are always a sign that you are tired when you are self-defeating. A mistake is something anyone can do, and the important thing is after making a mistake. Let's rest for a while and try to make a difference.

11. I do not want to leave my bed.

When energy does not rise and you can not move from bed, fatigue is in serious condition. Talk to your family or workplace soon and take a decided break.

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