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11 things you want to start knitting now

11 things you want to start knitting now

The super moon passes and the temperature is getting lower and the night is getting longer. There is a hobby perfect for this season. It is 'knitting'. There may be an image that the grandmother does when knitting, but nowadays there are more young people who are hooked to knitting fun. Because knitting is a very healthy hobby. Here is a list of some of the topics that we have prepared today with reference to the article of Little Lucks from overseas: "11 things you want to start knitting now."

01. Soothing effect of heart rate and blood pressure.

If you are knitting silently, your mind will calm down for some reason. It concentrates and relaxes because it lowers cortisol in the brain called stress hormone. Cortisol is known to have an adverse effect on the heart and circulatory system. In addition, if the blood pressure remains high, it can cause atherosclerosis. Knitting calms not only your mind but your body.

02. It becomes a good exercise at your fingertips.

Knitting should go well and move your fingers well and accurately. When you get used to it, the speed is gradually increasing. This finger exercise is good for your health. Movement of the hands is effective in preventing arthritis as well as loosening muscles. However, you should not overdo it because too much can cause irritation.

03. It is surprisingly strong in numbers.

Counting the number of knitting is essential. Basically, I need to control the increase / decrease with eyes. There are many chances to think about numbers naturally, and brain exercises become.

04. You can taste a sense close to meditation.

Recently, meditation is attracting attention as one of ways to maintain physical and mental health. It is not just meditation, but meditation. It is important to focus on one thing and clear your mind. In that sense, knitting is easy to forget and forget. You may be in a state of meditation when you are focusing on knitting.

05. I will fully mobilize my memory.

Memory is very important for knitting. If you do not always remember where you are now, you may have to rewrite it from scratch in the worst case. It seems to be just knitting, but it is actually the memory of the brain.

06. Can bear the pain.

If you focus on knitting in front of you, you will soon forget something else. Some hospitals are attempting to advise knitting patients who suffer from chronic pain using such properties. It is not only the pain of the body but also the pain of the mind. You can slowly relax while you are concentrating on knitting or hard work.

07. Snacks do not work.

You may think that you are kidding, because you can not eat snacks because your hands are blocked when you knit, but it is not a lie. Eating snacks is not hunger, but stress. If you knit in this case, your mind will calm down and your boredom will disappear by itself.

08. Brain training becomes.

Research has shown that people who knit are less likely to experience cognitive impairment and memory deterioration than people who do not. By moving your fingers to create something that strengthens the brain's nerve pathways, it helps maintain brain function.

09. You can eliminate the free box.

Why do not we just spend some time doing good things and not spending our time in vain when we can not do anything? Those who have such a mind, we recommend knitting. Knitting has a goal to be accomplished. Just because the purpose is clear, "What am I doing now?" I do not think I have a bad idea.

10. Achievement leads to confidence.

Completing knitting is a pretty tough task. You have to decide what to make, procure materials and learn skills. Finally, after a long work, I'm finished. This is a wonderful project. The success experience is a great achievement and confidence. Would not it be surprising to create something that could only be worn as a single yarn?

11. The only product in the world

If you continue to knit, you can finally get the "finished product". Of course, there are differences in technology, but the fact that you made it from scratch is unchanged. Whatever it is, you can create a single original item in the world.

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