Tuesday, June 11, 2019

6 bad habits that make my health worse without thinking

6 bad habits that make my health worse without thinking

Humans have a habit of doing every day. There are some habits that continue unconsciously. But what if that habit hurts your health without your knowledge? If you do not stop immediately, your health may become worse. So, this time, we refer to the articles of "Cheat Sheet", which introduces "Harmful habits" that we can easily do.

01. Do not exercise.

Famous actors and models can be seen in an interview saying "I do not exercise at all". I do not exercise, but I do not envy such a shape or I do not exercise, I think it is OK. Or "I do not have time to exercise every day," I think I have been doing for many years. In an old article, 75 percent of people say that they do not exercise one minute a week in "I do not exercise". If you do not exercise, the early mortality rate increases. Even if you are thin, exercise is good for your health.

02. Do not drink enough water.

After a hard day of work or going out for a day, "Oh, I did not drink water for a few hours. Do not you have a chance? When you notice, your neck is already dry. If you do not drink enough water, you may think that it is "about water", but if you do not drink enough water, it causes allergies, indigestion, depression, etc.

03. I go to the bathroom.

You can not leave the work environment in the office or work in the office. It was a long time ago, but an acquaintance has suffered from cystitis by enduring toilets during work. In addition, the Canadian media have reported that if the urine persists, the bacteria will increase and cause inflammation of the kidneys. Be careful.

04. Sleep time is not suitable.

Sleep is a time of rest and healing that is important to humans. Insufficient sleep time can lead to cancer, depression, memory loss, and heart disease. But I cannot sleep too long. The "easy to swallow" group is said to be the most frustrating group of people who lack sleep time and do not exercise for a long time. It is recommended that you have at least 6 hours of sleep and 7 to 8 hours of moderate sleep.

05. I have a long sitting time.

I work all day in the office and do not leave sitting on the sofa after work. Who has this habit? This is not just bad for your health, but it can cause cancer. According to a study of 70,000 cancer cases and length of sitting time, a person with a long sitting time was found to be more likely to have colon cancer and endometrial cancer. It is said that the risk has continued to rise when you sit and watch TV. Many sitting people need to exercise regularly and reduce their conscious sitting time.

06. I keep touching my smartphone.

Smartphones and tablets are very convenient. "I can not live without it." I think there are many people, but I have lost my mind to the smartphone and have not been working all day? If you keep watching your smartphone, In addition, the light coming out of the smartphone has a negative effect on the sight or interferes with the sleep. Please try smartphone gadgets and virtual world moderately and enjoy real life.

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