Saturday, June 1, 2019

6 ways to relieve cold winter shoulder pain

6 ways to relieve cold winter shoulder pain

Suddenly the weather was cold. As the temperature drops sharply, one of the many troubles in the coming season is the 'shoulder stiffness'. I feel like there is a symptom throughout the year, but especially in the winter, the effect of the cold makes the muscles stiff and the activity of the body is limited, so the blood flow becomes worse. I am going to introduce a way to alleviate such a "shoulder stiffness".

01. Introduced "minerals"

One of the reasons that the blood circulation is getting worse is the lack of minerals. Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc. are introduced to promote the metabolism of water, blood flow is gradually improved. Mineral water (500ml) is the easiest way to drink in a day. You will feel the difference little by little.

02. "Citric acid" to remove the cause of fatigue

Citric acid accelerates the degradation of "lactic acid", a substance that causes shoulder stiffness. Try introducing citrus fruits such as lemon, pineapple, strawberry, plum, rose hip, acerola and more.

03. Using glasses that match my eyesight

The eyes are directly connected to the nerves. The shoulder, neck, and back are divided into large nerves from the spine. If glasses do not fit, eye fatigue builds up, and stress and fatigue appear as "stiff shoulders." Unexpectedly, there are many causes of shoulder stiffness.

04. Continue the same posture for a long time.

If you have a desk clerk like a computer, there is less chance of moving your body. While concentrating, the breathing becomes shallow, the bloodstream gets worse, and even the waste accumulates and the muscles go out. "I have to get up and walk once every two hours." Please take a short break and have your body move. If you stay in the same place, it does not make you feel better.

05. Improve blood circulation by massage or bath

Sometimes, before going home, let 's have a massage. It is also recommended to release your muscles with your own hands while being soaked in the water even in the bath. Both massage and bath have the effect of improving blood circulation.

06. Pick a suitcase that covers all the shoulders.

Always hang the bag on the same side of the same side, and if you go around the same place every day, the blood flow will get worse. Also, the center of gravity of the body is slightly shifted, which affects the shoulder stiffness. If you have severe symptoms, please change the type of backpack. It is also good to reduce the amount of luggage or to change the handle.

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