Sunday, June 2, 2019

Twelve false habits that make presbyopia (old face) in an instant

Twelve false habits that make presbyopia (old face) in an instant

Wrinkles and sagging are built up in small increments every day. Your specific habit of being vigilant and unconscious may be causing deep wrinkles. It's a bad habit that you can prevent before you know it.

01. There is wrinkles in the hair.

Vertical wrinkles between the eyes are caused by frowning or squinting. When the wrinkles are deeply engraved on the face, the mood looks like that. If your eyesight is bad, please correct it with glasses or contact lenses.

02. I breathe with my mouth.

Did you know that breathing is with your nose? A person with a half-open mouth is evidence that the muscles around his mouth are weakening. The mouth can go down and a bulldog-like line can come up. Close your mouth and let your breath be conscious and into your nose.

03. I have a chin.

Extending the jaw causes pressure on the cheek and jaw, causing the face to become skewed. Not only the symmetry of the face, which is the beauty of the face, is distorted, and waste and fat accumulate. Also, the face becomes swollen and gravitated and becomes an old face. Do not let your chin do it because it can have acne or inflammation.

04. Chew one side.

Do you have anything to do with only one side because of dental treatment experience and dental habit? The chewing side is good for the muscles of the cheek to move well, but the unused side is weakened. Good chewing is good for both beauty and health, please consciously use both sides.

05. Sit back and lean back to the depth of your back.

There will be many people watching TV and smartphones lying on the sofa's backrest and relaxing. But if it does, is not it wrinkled on the neck? The three major areas where women feel older are "neck", "hands", "hair". Although the age of the hands and head is large due to aging, the neck wrinkles are clearly engraved by lifestyle from the age of 20. Please be careful not to take a long posture with posture or neck wrinkles.

06. Drink less water.

Moisture-deficient skin becomes dry and wrinkles are easily created. You need to drink plenty of water to avoid presbyopia.

07. I frequent the night.

Sometimes I see work or other things happen at night. The nights are poisonous to the skin. Leaving the night will make your skin flaky and vital.

08. Drinking and Smoking

Unhealthy drinking and smoking are also related to 'presbyopia'. Drinking removes moisture from the skin, and smoking causes wrinkles by contracting skin vessels.

09. Instant food overdose

Instant foods contain high levels of sodium, fat and cholesterol. It is easy to eat instant food often, the skin gets old.

10. Ultraviolet exposure

Ultraviolet rays are the main cause of skin aging. You need to apply sunscreen all year round, not just on summer or sunny days.

11. Cleansing hole

If you do not wipe clean after wearing make-up or after applying sunscreen, the residue will accumulate on the pores and cause skin troubles. The deadline of the day is by all means! It is a beautiful cleansing.

12. Down

Everyone has a way to sleep. If you sleep on your face, your face will fall down and your skin collagen will be damaged.

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