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Twelve stress relieves that can be easily done in a chair

Twelve stress relieves that can be easily done in a chair

When working in the office, it is always the shoulder that gives health problems. Many studies have reported that stress is too much to cause adverse effects on the heart. I would like to introduce the articles of overseas Little Jangs about the stretching that can relieve the stress of the source of the vampires. It is a very simple way to sit in a chair.

01. First, 'deep breath'

You may say that it is not too basic, but it is more than just a thought. Psychologist Dr. Judith Tutin says deep breathing can stabilize the heart and blood pressure and relieve stress. First spread your spine, close your eyes and sit with your legs on the floor. It is a simple exercise to breathe in your nose and slowly exhale into your mouth, but you can enjoy a considerable effect by operating five minutes a day.

02. Stretching neck

If you stretch your muscles, you can expect a calming effect. I think 10 to 15 minutes a day is better. Try the following: It is a movement to stretch the muscles of the neck by leaning your head at You can easily move from the chair without moving. I will tilt my head with my hands to pull lightly. Please gently slow down your throat for 30 seconds to avoid injury.

03. Banana as a snack

Potassium, which is rich in bananas, is said to play a very important role in maintaining brain function. It is also said to alleviate stress and anxiety. Organic Facts is evaluating bananas as a "Strong Stress Buster". Among the foods containing potassium, we recommend it as a snack to eat in the office. In addition, avocado, artichoke, dried fruit, orange juice, peanut butter and other potato-rich ingredients are also recommended.

04. Listening to music

Music is common in stress relief. It's not difficult. It is enough to listen to your favorite song with earphone or go to karaoke. Woman Health says that music weakens psychological adverse effects such as blood pressure and heart. In addition, singing and dancing can release the "endorphin", which is a substance in the brain that is the basis of pleasure. Why do not you take time to listen to a piece of music in your daily life?

05. Chewing gum makes multitasking smooth.

According to a study published by Dr.Andrew Scholey, a professor of brain science and behavioral science, "a person chewing gum during work has a lower level of secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone, and a higher level of multitasking You can tell. " If you are out of your mind and busy with your work, I recommend chewing one gum.

06. Sitting and standing

Most of the time I can not sleep nap after lunch because of drowsiness. Switch the switch a bit at that time. According to Kate Hanley's book, there is an exercise that can expect a nap-like effect anytime, anywhere. It's a grotto. Stretching effect can be expected.

07. Planting on your desk

The outside air is not always good. Not because of work, but because the weather is bad. However, keeping close to nature is helpful in lowering stress. It is said that you can look forward to relieving stress by sitting just a little nervous and just looking at it quietly.

08. Imagination for a moment

Close your eyes and go back to yourself for a while. Throw a lot of worries and leave your mind. According to an article by Woman Health, "Imagine you can reduce stress, think about your favorite people in your head, and try to imagine what you see between your favorite entertainer and the two." Recalling accurate images helps you achieve your goals. Motivate yourself to imagine your ideal with a little imagination.

09. Fools

I'll say goodbye if you smile. In fact, scientifically laughing is said to help greatly relieve stress. Mayo Clinic, known as the world's most advanced medical practitioner, says, "Laughter stabilizes blood pressure and heartbeat and creates a feeling of relaxation, as well as a psychological effect and a physical effect." DVD "is a good way to borrow.

10. Kissing

It is easy to say ... But if you kiss in the middle of the day, it has a great effect on stress relieving. Dr. Laura Berman, a psychiatric specialist at the University of Northwestern University in Feinberg, says stress can be neutralized by the release of 'endorphins' as a kiss.

11. "Thank you"

The medical magazine WebMD says, "You can express your gratitude and clear your negative thoughts and anxieties." Focusing on the specific advice, "I make a list of gratitude, and close my eyes and say" Thank you "in my mind." Of course, you would not be ashamed if it was your heart.

12. Organize by Writing

In fact, it is known that 'writing' also has positive psychological effects. Medical magazine WebMD explained this. "Let's say something difficult, let's write about 10 to 15 minutes about what's worrying and what it feels like to be able to figure out what the problem is. .

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